Progressive Ads-Regressive Much

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2 min readNov 1, 2021

Of late, there has been an increase in number of people getting their sentiments hurt by particular advertisements that are displayed off in televisions. Ironically, these ads have tried to show the country in a ‘modern’, more ‘tolerant’ light, which has been resisted by a section of people that has even cried ‘boycott’.

Here is a round up of those ads which have apparently hurt “Indian Sentiments”:

  1. Tanishq Baby Shower Ad

Last October, it was jewellery brand Tanishq that withdrew an advertisement featuring a Hindu daughter-in-law and her Muslim mother-in-law after. The company backtracked after being accused of promoting “love jihad”.

2. FabIndia’s Diwali Collection Ad

This October, clothing and furnishing firm Fabindia withdrew an advertisement that used the phrase “Jashn-e-Riwaaz”, celebration of tradition. Hindutva supporters claimed that the use of an Urdu phrase in the ad was an attempt to “de-Hinduise” Diwali

3. Sabyasachi Mangalsutra Controversy

The ace designer had received severe backlash when his ad campaign for luxury mangalsutra was likened to a ‘lingerie’ and a ‘condom’ ad, given the intimate nature of the pictures. Sabyasachi had launched the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra 1.2 as part his latest jewellery collection, the campaign for which was later withdrawn.

4. Dabur Fem Karwa Chauth Ad

The manufacturer of Ayurvedic and natural health care products recently ran an advertisement featuring the Hindu ritual of Karva Chauth, but instead of showing a man and woman, the ad shows two women who are seemingly in a lesbian relationship. this was again withdrawn for unintentionally hurting people’s sentiments and along with withdrawing of the ad, Dabur also apologised for it.

5. Manyavar Kanyadaan Ad

When an ad featuring actor Alia Bhatt questioned the concept of ‘kanyadaan‘ as something we should be doing in the modern age, asking why women are treated as objects to be given away. A pro-Hindu outfit had staged a protest outside one of the brand’s showrooms in Navi Mumbai against the advertisement, claiming that it hurt religious sentiments of the community. During the protest, the members held placards and shouted slogans against Manyavar’s company Vedant Fashions Ltd, calling for the boycott of the brand.

And list goes on…..

The Ads show us the concept of modernisation and acceptance of changes. But with all the people’s sentiments getting hurt, this shows that as the time passes by we are moving forward as a regressive society and not progressive. As quoted always, “ Change is the only thing constant.” The India we want is evolving and its changing but due to some intolerant sections of society they are again pulled back to the old ages. By protesting against such ads which shows the best version there is of any country, we are protesting change.

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