The Emergency of Cyber Crime on Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce?

How is Social Commerce different from E-commerce?

Why you should be careful while shopping from these social media pages?

How can fraudsters trick you?

  1. The newest way is they hack Instagram pages having more than 10k followers, change their name, profile etc. to portray as a legitimate online shopping page. Offering huge discounts, they attract a lot of customers, do not accept cash-on-delivery as a mode of payment and insist on making prior payments. Once the payment is done via UPI the product is never delivered to the customer.
  2. Another, when you share your personal details such as personal email address, phone number, location etc. you can fall prey to phishing email scams.
  3. At times, these pages also create groups which they later sell to scammers.

What can be done to stay safe while shopping via social media?

  1. Be mindful while shopping on any social media platform
  2. Before you make a purchase, look for authentic reviews of the product as well as the shopping page
  3. In case you do fall prey to such an incident, make sure to report the incident on the cybercrime reporting portal ( or for tag your state’s cyber cell department explaining the incident and attach a few screenshots of your chats and the shopping page as well.




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